About Our Temple

Joining the Priesthood


Our High Priestess and founder of the Temple of AnkhWadjet is a Certified Life Coach, EFT Master Practitioner, creator of the Wadjet system of yoga, and author of several books on Kamitic culture and spirituality. She has been dedicated to promoting spiritual empowerment and health consciousness for over two decades, teaching others to develop self-mastery, peace of mind, and a healthier body in a safe, diverse, and supportive environment both online and outside in the community.


Our Mission

The Temple of Ankhwadjet offers ancient  wisdom from the spiritual system of Ancient Kamit in order to apply it to modern living for greater personal success and wholeness. We have a range of offerings including wellness counseling, divination readings, a wide range of spiritual tools and wellness products, and a series of online self-study courses introducing Kemetic spirituality, culture, and language for those seeking to connect with their ancestral or past life heritage, or simply have an interest in understanding the power and intelligence of this ancient culture and how its technologies can be applied to modern living.


Our Temple Family

If you are interested in joining the Temple as a priest or priestess,  we offer a one-year initiation program which includes a daily ancestral check-in, vibrational frequency clearing, Kemetic spiritual culture training, transformative rituals and rites to perform for major life events such as births, marriages, and funerals, and assistance with incorporating your own Temple. For more information please click here to be taken to a form to fill out for an interview and a Priesthood reading, which will determine whether this path is the right one for you as well as what deity you have been chosen by to serve.